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Setup Custom Domain Tracking with Namecheap
This guide teaches you how to set up a custom tracking domain with Namecheap to accurately track website traffic and conversions. 

STEP 1 :

Go on the top right corner & click on your profile


  • Click on "Settings"

  • In settings : click on "CNAME" tab



Now, add the domain you want to track as custom tracking domain & click on "Verify Domain"


SendBuzz will automatically give you the information you need to complete your Custom Domain set-up as shown below :


Once we detect the registrar, you can put the CNAME you want to track for your domain here :


Now , let's go to your domain provider ( eg. NameCheap ) to create a sub-domain with info SendBuzz gave to you.


1. Sign in your Namecheap account by clicking on the "Sign In" option located in the header of the page.

2. Select Domain List from the left side bar menu

3. Click on Manage button which is next to your domain: 

4. Go to the Advanced DNS tab

5. Click on Add New Record button in the Host Records section:


6. From the drop-down menu for Type, choose CNAME Record. Then, specify your preferred host (such as "www") for Host and input the record itself (like "") as the Value:


7. Tap on the Save All Changes button every time you need to save your record:

Before proceeding, it's important to verify whether there are any conflicting records set for the same Host such as CNAME, URL Redirect (Unmasked/Masked/Permanent), ALIAS or A records. These records can create conflicts with each other and it's recommended to remove them. Note that if a CNAME record exists for a Host, it will override any other records created for that Host.

Below is a CNAME Example with similar records:


Once done, wait for 30 minutes for the host's records to be accepted.


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