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Setup Custom Domain Tracking with GoDaddy

STEP 1 :

Go on the top right corner & click on your profile

  • Click on "Settings"

  • In settings : click on "CNAME" tab


Now, add the domain you want to track as custom tracking domain & click on "Check"


SendBuzz will automatically give you the information you need to complete your Custom Domain set-up as shown below :

  • Once we detect the registrar, you can put the CNAME you want to track for your domain here :

Now , let's go to your domain provider ( eg. GoDaddy ) to create a sub-domain with info SendBuzz gave to you.

1.  Sign in to your GoDaddy account.

2. Select Domain edit options from the "three dots" on right side.

Domain Edit Options are available next to your domain and then "click" Edit DNS. .

3.  To add new record you can select "Add"

4.  Let's select the CNAME from the Type Menu options.

5. Enter the details for your new CNAME record.

  • The CNAME record requires two parameters: the host name or prefix and the value. The host name or prefix should not exceed 63 characters and should not include consecutive periods (...). Additionally, the first or last character cannot be a period, and you cannot use a host name that is already assigned to an existing A record, TXT record or MX record.

Value  : The value parameter is the URL that you wish to set as the destination for the host. To point directly to your root domain name, you can use the "@" symbol as the value.

TTL : The TTL parameter determines how long the server should cache the information. By default, the TTL is set to 1 hour.

6. Click on "Add Record" to save your New CNAME Record.

Although most DNS updates typically become effective within one hour, it is possible for updates to take as long as 48 hours to propagate globally.


Now let's go to SendBuzz to check

Once you've finished the setup, you can double-check in SendBuzz to see if it's working.

  • Click on "Test & Set" which means Send Buzz will check with your Registrar. (eg. GoDaddy)

Here is the info of the added tracking domain after setup  :

If it shows green it means the added tracking domain is working. Good work!

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