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HubSpot - SendBuzz Integration

SendBuzz supports integration with HubSpot CRM so users can sync the data on both platforms.

This integration is a native and bi-directional integration, which means SendBuzz will enrich the data present in HubSpot CRM, and at the same time the Contact data from HubSpot CRM can be used to target those contacts using SendBuzz.

Highlights on SendBuzz - HubSpot CRM Integration

  1. Sync SendBuzz prospect's activities to HubSpot contacts.

  2. Create/ Update HubSpot Deals from SendBuzz Prospects.

  3. Import HubSpot Lists to SendBuzz Campaigns (Coming Soon)

Connect HubSpot CRM with SendBuzz

    Here is a step wise guide to set it up. Click here

  1. Click on the Profile Icon on the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Under Settings, click on Integrations.

  4. Click on the Setup Button under the HubSpot section.

  5. Login into HubSpot account using your credentials.

  6. Once you have completed the authentication, it will take you to the HubSpot configuration page.

Sync SendBuzz prospect's activities to HubSpot contacts

The real-time sync between your outbound service SendBuzz and HubSpot CRM allows users to track activities that you have been doing for your Contacts or Leads.

This integration will sync all the emails, text messages, and phone call logs to your HubSpot CRM automatically, once these activities had taken place in SendBuzz.

To make this integration work, we first need to map HubSpot Contacts with SendBuzz Prospect's Properties.

Here is how you can Map the HubSpot Contact properties with SendBuzz properties

  1. Under Settings -> Integrations, navigate to HubSpot CRM configuration.

  2. We have already mapped some of the default HubSpot properties for you, if there are any custom HubSpot properties you have added to your CRM and want to map them with SendBuzz, you can get them mapped here.

Once the integration is configured, it will automatically start syncing the information to HubSpot CRM once the SendBuzz campaigns are activated.

Create/ Update HubSpot Deals from SendBuzz Prospects
(Coming Soon)

Import HubSpot Lists to SendBuzz Campaigns (Coming Soon)

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