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Setup Gmail SMTP Server with SendBuzz

A simple guide on how to configure SendBuzz to send outgoing emails using your Gmail SMTP Server.


Steps to get this done:


Get Gmail's App Password to authenticate SendBuzz

  1. Open Google Account Settings, and navigate to Security Settings. Open here

  2. Look for the Sign in to the Google section, and then for App Password

  3. Click on App Password, create a Custom App, and name it SendBuzz. Copy and Save the password that Google creates for the Custom App, i.e. is SendBuzz.

SendBuzz SMTP Setup

  1. Get to the Settings Screen, and then to the Mailboxes.

  2. Click on Add Mailbox, then select other to get to the SendBuzz SMTP Settings.

  3. In SendBuzz, SMTP settings select an Email Provider, here we will continue with Gmail SMTP, so select the Email Provider as Gmail/ GSuite.

  4. Add the sender's email address, and in the password field add the App Password that we generated above.

  5. In the IMAP Options, add the receiver's email address, or the email address where you will be receiving the emails, and again add the App Password.


Hope this worked, if you need more help setting up your Gmail SMTP with SendBuzz, send us a message from the chat support on the right corner of your screen or reach out to us on

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